Delible and indelible marks


This photo documents a typical example of Bitumenism, a street art movement.

Unlike their after-dark graffiti counterparts armed with spray cans, pre-cut stencils and colourful crafted tags, proponents of the Bitumenism wear high-vis vests and work during the day and often mark out their ‘street canvas’ between witches hats.

The Bitumenists choice of colour is gloss black and their mark-making is typified by long trailing lines that curve and meander.

Some scholars liken the work with that of Franz Kline, who like Pollock, was an action painter and Abstract Expressionist.

Some of the best Bitumenist work is found in suburban streets where little or no maintenance is done on roads and they can work uninterrupted on large canvases.

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When, where, what

04/10/2018 at 06:57
Parramatta Park near Queens Road, Westmead
Liquid bitumen road repair


04/10/2018 at 01:59 at 65°
04/10/2018 at 12:31 at 294°
Distance from object
368,371 km

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