Hedging your bets on a wishbone


Lost, abandoned and set aside


Research on how to increase your chances of winning when pulling a wishbone was conducted in 2014 by scientists from the University of Michigan who had nothing better to do.

Using 3D models of furculae, their findings suggest that the bigger piece is achieved when:

  • you have a good grip of the bone using your dominant hand
  • your hands are dry
  • your grip is closer to the base or center of the ā€œVā€
  • you choose the thicker side of the bone
  • you let the other person do most of the pulling.

Definitely not rocket science. Your mother could have told you that.

#Wounded #PiledUp

When, where, what

19/02/2017 at 14:41
Blue Mountains
Collection of chicken furculae


19/02/2017 at 12:07 at 107°
19/02/2017 at 13:55 at 251°
Distance from object
404,374 km

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