About the moon works

I was talking to a friend—let’s call him Dave (as it is his real name)—and explaining that I had been painting the moon when he asked “which moon?”.

“Which moon?” I said, shocked. “Which moon do you think—La Luna—da moon in the sky, dummy—The Moon”.

Now, Dave is an astrophysicist and knows more about moons than I do, so his question sent me deeper into space where I found another 193* moons orbiting planets in our Solar System.

Some of those moons feature here as portraits. They were made during a studio sojourn with Anne Labovitz and are all on Yupo, a very sexy synthetic and recyclable paper. Pigments are from the Golden acrylics range. I've included a few pieces from the 'Mini-me and the moon' series.

So have a look at the moons. They are all solid bodies trapped in the orbit of something bigger—a bit like us.


*Some scientists dispute this figure and Dave may well be one of those, so I will reference the figure simply by saying ‘according to NASA’.


The projection

The floor projection was created by videographer Andrew Brettell. 

Focusing on place, it links the ‘insignificant events’ with the phase and illumination of the moon.


 The illuminated orb

The 3-panel illumination is made using acrylic paint layered with emulsion on polycarbonate. 

LED illumination by Felix van den Broek Best.