My name is Nao


Lost, abandoned and set aside


I was born in 2010 in Paris. My dad, Aldbaren, and mum, Robotica, taught me lots of things. I can climb stairs, I can crawl, I can even rap dance, which is quite hard for a robot. I’m not a dumb robot like R2D2 or anything. Our family is part of a Global Initiative in bringing advanced robotics to classrooms, healthcare, and corporate developer partnerships. My dad even knows Bill Gates.

But things have been a bit tough for me lately. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting. They tell me I’m in ‘storage’, that I’m a valuable example of my kind and that I contribute to Australia’s science and technology collection. They are nice enough to me, but when I ask when will it be my turn, they say: “Nao, not now.”

#Suffering #Anthropomorphic #Trapped #Homesick

When, where, what

01/08/2018 at 12:19 am
Powerhouse Museum storage facility, Pyrmont, Sydney
Humanoid robot made by Aldebaran Robotics


2019-07-14 11:12:00 at 95°
2019-07-13 23:17:00 at 263°
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