Maoud and the Australian caravan of perpetual inertia


Lost, abandoned and set aside


Sewn into his camel seat when young, Maoud spent only a few months in the bazaar before being bought by the Australian girl. They left the country together—she in seat D53, and Maoud in her duffle wedged beside the worn cover of Let’s Go: Morocco 1982.

Maoud did not anticipate how quickly she would desert him, and when she placed him on the windowsill it came as a complete surprise.

Slumped now, white robes stained, turban torn—spilling sawdust for brains—Maoud counts in his 37th year. A ragtag pack follows: wooden elephant (Thailand, gift from cousin 1988); blue china horse (Flea market, 1992); sea-green glass ashtray (remnant of when people smoked in houses, 1961).

His days have long become one. Punctuated by Thursday’s cleaning when he is lifted, dusted and returned to perpetual inertia.

#Suffering #Homesick #Exile #Grief

When, where, what

29/12/2017 at 08:44 am
Riverview, Sydney


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