Sous Chef sad


Wounds, scars and transgressions


His reputation was good. He’d produced a long line of Tarte Tartins and his Pissaladière Provencals were widely renowned. 

He’d been attentive to edge-to-edge browning of pastry shells and ensured he retained the right amount of moisture so that his diners could delight in the lightest crusts with a fineness of crumb.

He was reliable. Enthusiastic. Diligent even. So why had they excoriated him with reckless knife and spatula, and left him to rust?

Then, amidst despair, new anxiety arose: What if Le Creuset Non-Stick Heavy Gauge Forged Aluminium with Toughened Finish (in Marseille Blue) had superseded him?

#Suffering #Grief #Wounded

When, where, what

10/09/2017 at 02:55 am
Amanda's kitchen, Annandale, Sydney


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