Teabags and tampons (Series 1, edition 1)


Lost, abandoned and set aside


The following excerpt is from A Sober Sobe: Catalogue raisonné on artist Claret Sobe (Corbels, Eta. 2018. Cambridge University Press 2018, ISBN 876-6-43-914221-4, Page 84). 

"I was keen to make ordinary objects into key subject matter and draw similarities between apparently dissimilar things. 

Teabags and tampons have a lot in common. They are ubiquitous and both embody a certain sense of anticipation and optimism. 

Each has a singular purpose and a one-off use—the teabag, however, is omnipresent, the other consistently concealed.

They both emerge from their wet, warm place of temporary internment on the end of a string, somewhat worse for wear, stained, sodden and rather sad.”


When, where, what

13/04/2019 at 07:12 am
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