Broccolini Band


Lost, abandoned and set aside


This is an excerpt from a rare interview with Mr Broccolini Band. 

Curator: Can you tell us a bit about your heritage?
BB: My ancestors have a proud history—we originate from the ancient Mayan civilisation. We first went to Europe with Christopher Columbus in 1496. Then, when the English colonised large parts of Asia, we were put into slavery in the rubber plantations.

Curator: Can you tell us a little of your time in slavery?
BB: It was difficult. We were treated badly. We were repeatedly cut, drained and scarred.

Curator: Your family really rose to fame mid-century; can you tell us a bit about their achievements?
BB: Yes, after the diaspora, the Rubber Family found ourselves in America where we did a lot of miles for Messrs. Goodyear and Dunlop, and for the Michelin brothers, of course. We helped get Apollo 11 to the moon by holding closed the nose cone and Q-ball cover during launch.

Curator: How do you spend your time, now?
BB: These days, our main job is to hold broccolini stalks together. And Bok Choy.

When, where, what

04/06/2017 at 02:57 am
IGA Supermarket, Blaxland
From the collection of McGee and Estrada families who are major benefactors of the Rubberband Rescue Foundation.


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